Road to a Healthier Oklahoma

For more than 75 years, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Oklahoma (BCBSOK) has been a guiding light for its members. However, providing a personal touch to consumers living outside of major metro areas hasn’t always been easy.

With BCBSOK’s innovative Mobile Assistance Center, or “MAC,” that’s no longer an issue. Thanks to the MAC, BCBSOK is now able to reach all four corners of the state — and everywhere in between.

“Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Oklahoma has always had a history of getting out in the community, whether that’s sponsoring a community event or giving a grant to a charitable organization,” said Max McKenzie, senior supervisor, Community Outreach. “Now we’re excited to expand that outreach with the Mobile Assistance Center, which allows us to travel all over the state of Oklahoma.”

Since October 2014, BCBSOK’s MAC has focused on meeting Oklahomans face-to-face in the places they call home. The MAC is staffed by licensed BCBSOK community outreach specialists and customer service advocates who provide one-on-one assistance with health insurance enrollment, education and customer service for consumers and current BCBSOK members. The MAC’s outreach efforts include hosting community events, visiting health fairs, participating in health and insurance seminars and responding to communities in need following natural disasters.

I know that health insurance can be hard to navigate sometimes, so being able to really help people with their questions is a great feeling.

In 2016 alone, the MAC traveled 18,000 miles across Oklahoma and connected with Oklahomans at 134 different events, with a focus on outreach to rural, tribal and Latino communities.

“I love being a part of the Mobile Assistance Center,” said Christian Gray, Community Outreach specialist. “It gives me a chance to go to places I may have never been to, meet new people and help them with whatever they may need. In my opinion, building relationships with people in their communities is the best thing and the most important thing a company can do. Coming to them with a smile and an offer to help, that’s the best way we can do that.”

In January 2017, a second MAC unit was unveiled to better assist BCBSOK in its mission to help Oklahoma communities and meet face to face with Oklahomans.

“I’ve been able to help people in ways I never imagined,” said Jeannie Pham, Community Outreach specialist. “I know that health insurance can be hard to navigate sometimes, so being able to really help people with their questions is a great feeling.”

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